to attract – přitahovat, vábit

This kind of bird tries to attract their prey by special singing.

The cat tried to attract her lover by lying on the ground in front of him.

attractive – atraktivní, přitažlivý, lákavý

to be attractive to

She is the most attractive woman I have ever met.

Some women think of themselves as very attractive but the opposite is true.

attractiveness – přitažlivost

Don't doubt attractiveness of this dress and buy it.

attracted to sb/sth – přitahovaný k někomu/něčemu

Even though his love was only platonic, he was attracted to her so much that he even attacked her husband.

The new clowns attracted totally children's attention. 

attractively – atraktivně

attraction – přitažlivost, půvab, kouzlo, atrakce

Attractions are for many children exciting and very desired things.

Attractions come and stay at the local square every year – to immense happiness of our children.

attract attention - přitahovat pozornost

tourist attraction – turistická atrakce

Whilst the tourism is unnecessary for every country, the local tourist attractions are still being more promoted.

main attraction  - hlavní atrakce

One of the main attractions of our capital is definitely the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

gravitational attraction – gravitační přitažlivost (ale zemská přitažlivost = gravity)

magnetic attraction – magnetická přitažlivost

Gravitational and magnetic attractions present only basics of physics knowledge.

an attractive offer

We have, finally, made a deal due to their attractive offer.


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