possible – možný

We are delighted to offer you the best possible price in the market.

possible for sb – možný pro někoho

His results seem to me neither as possible nor as realizable as he promised.

Does Joe truly believe it is possible for me to get that particular position?

possibly – možně

Possibly, you are right but he would never admit his fault.

He is doing everything to gain the title, everything he possibly can.

impossible – nemožný

That solution is totally impossible under these conditions.

What was presented to us as impossible now seems a distinct possibility for the future.

impossibly – nemožně

His behaviour in such situation was impossibly arrogant and annoying.

possibility - možnost

possibility of doing sth – možnost něco dělat

His possibilities of what to do in such a complicated situation are really unpleasantly limited.

For each student there exist a lot of possibilities of gaining good education.

as soon as possible – jakmile to bude možné

Please, hand me all the documentation for this case as soon as possible.

beyond the bounds of possibility

His acceptance at university is beyond the bounds of possibility.

distinct possibility – zřetelná možnost

to explore/consider/investigate a wide range of possibilitites

Even though we have considered a wide range of possibilities, we are not able to see any solution.

to exhaust all the possibilities – vyčerpat všechny možnosti

I am sure he had exhausted all the possibilities before he gave up.

The possibilities are endless. – Nekonečně možností. Nekonečno možností.

His possibilities how to obtain what he yearns for are endless.

everything humanly possible


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