active – aktivní

His active attitude is for nothing when his partner behaves so irresponsibly in dealings about new contracts.

In the last lesson, our teacher announced we were going to learn the active and passive voice soon. Unfortunately, she forgot.

activity – aktivita

There was plenty of activities for children and so our little angels dozed off immediately in the car on our way home.

the active voice – činný rod

on active duty = active service (aktivní vojenská služba, nasazení)

Soldiers on active duty are the heart of our state defense.

active volcano – aktivní sopka

Being aware of risking their lives, they still insisted on seeing the active volcano with their own eyes.

activism – aktivismus (ekologický)

Ecological activism of those volunteers is totally blind and boundless.

activist – aktivista

The activist decided to stay tied up on the bridge till the governement fulfils its promises.

George is the only activist resolved to trespass on the company to steal the sample.

actively – aktivně

active ingredient – účinná látka

The reason of his success lies in the cream’s active ingredient which is top secret, of course.


Test title Level
Active B
Active - překlad B