What does this word mean for the population of the Czech republic? For some it is a week spent in Croatia, for some it is just relax somewhere out of their typical routine and for others it can mean that they come to their bosses and use it when they feel sick. Other people even want to change it with their employer for money in the end of the year. I know a lot of people, I could easily divide into the groups. Holiday is something what each of us need from time to time more or less but still there exist people who perhaps believe that they are indestructible and can work all days all nights 7 days a week and maybe they even reckon that their families need their money more than themselves personally.  


            Talking about holiday we should consider also different groups of people - one normal as described above and one who is leading firms and have a great deal of power. I deem it has to be really a great feeling to be an owner of some huge company, to lead people, to feel power every day just during crossing around the reception desk at their companies but is it worth it? Each of these people have to fulfil also their own needs and dreams and when they do, it has to  be incredible for them - to be able to afford it! It is up to everybody if we want to devote only and fully to our families, to work or try to combine both which I consider the most difficult and the most common.


            Therefore I would like you to think it through a little bit. What did you do, what do you do and what will you do? Life is not only about earning money but also and the most important about living!