Hi, I am Hougine. I live where "foxes say good night". Deep forest, clear water and country which is untouched by men. I have been living here for many years. My wife was born and grew up here. So it was country of my big love. Now she is dead and I am alone. Family is far away, my son has his own law company and my daughter works in a bank. They have nice present and future. And I am thinking about the past...


There was nothing what belongs to our modern civilization. Exactly, the civilization of my youth. I was 20 years old and started to work on my first part-time job for one forest company. There were several other guys like me. All day we worked and after that we went to the pub or to the nearest cinema.


One day, it was rainy and foggy, our work had finished earlier than usually. It was time to celebrate a little bit more. And that day there was a dancing party. Not like today when teenagers drink beer and smoke or they use some illegal stuff. It was the party with live music. There usually played music groups from nearest villages, which were known well to everybody. They played folk - nothing special but it was rhythmic.


That day there was a group of women. One of them was the most beautiful woman who I had never seen. She was wearing a light blue blouse, a skirt which was long to her knees, not so tight and with the spring flower pattern. She had blond curled hair. When our eyes met, she smiled at me with her soft and warm smile which was unbelievable. We were looking at each other for a long while until my friend disturbed me with words: ' Don't look at her. She is not for us.', but I had known in my heart that she would be mine one day.


All next days I was like in a dream. I had only one idea - to see her again. Dancing parties started and ended but she didn't appear again. The part-time job was going to end and I hoped that something must happen like in movies which end happily. Last evening I was sitting at the hostel's door. It was getting dark. I was sitting and reading the book The evening's masterpiece. Sometimes I looked around if something hadn't changed but nothing. The same road, an empty bus stop and closed shops and no people around except me. When the sun disappeared, I closed the book. I summarized this holiday and my part-time job. "Nothing special in the end" I had to admit to myself. The night was long and crazy. I was looking at the ceiling and thinking about the woman in the blue blouse and the skirt with flower pattern. I wrote into my memory:


All time I'm thinking about you

All night I'm dreaming

like at the night sun shining I'm touching you

All night I'm watching

like in the sunny days I'm coming to you

All night I'm thinking

how to be nearer to you


I wish I could say it to her one day ... M. H.


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