A prisoner's wife                                                                             30th January 2014


Whilst browsing through the TV channels, I came across a very interesting program. A documentary about a woman who had married a man behind bars. Shocked by the title I stopped all other activities and watched.


            The couple met a few years back when a sister of the prisoner came to visit him (in jail) with her friend (his current wife). He was quite young and so was she and they had a lot to talk about. So she came alone to visit him more and more often and then finally brought her parents to meet her new boyfriend. I can't tell if they were happy about the visit, but they did what she had wanted. Meeting her parents, his parents and all the family - the relationship continued till the moment when they decided to get married.


            After a year or so the woman had serious financial problems because she had supported her husband to pay lawyers and other necessities. This went on so far that she had to finally admit bankrupcy and sell her car, her house and move to her parents. After a year she was able to hire a new car and to rent a new house and in that moment she decided to have a child with her husband. Quite a reasonable decision for somebody who is married and young you can imagine, but with a man who was sentenced life? They were not allowed to have "intimate visits" so it was impossible to do anything for that. Therefore the woman decided to ask state authorities for the sperm of her husband. From the documentary it was noticeable that neither lawyers nor doctors were amazed and excited about that idea. And that is how the documentary ended.


            What to say? At first I would like to express my opinion about getting married to somebody behind bars. The relationship has no future or it had to be really deep love. Actually I do not believe his love because it could be only desire to be supported by somebody else. It is really difficult to say. From her side I would say she was deeply in love.


            Hardly could I understand getting married to him but having a child? In the movie she complained about doing all the housework alone. If she can't make it now, how can she do it later with kids? And who will earn money for living? I think that such behaviour is very irresponsible. After having their desired baby she would have to find a babysitter. Therefore I think this decision should be made by the whole family and not only by the married couple.


            Lastly, I would like to take into account the fact that he is in prison for murder. Of course, his wife doesn't believe in his guilt but ´evidence is evidence.´ And what if she had managed  to persuade the court to let him go, and one day he kills her and their children just because she wouldn't prepare him breakfast.



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