Oh, no! Not again! Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of the old age is insomnia. You are sometimes even at 3 am awake and totally ready for anything - even to run the marathon. Terrible! And, of course, you would like to sleep but your body doesn't want to obey you at all. And what do you think how I feel when my cat Mici looks at me so angrily that I light right next to her lair? Then the person feels so guilty and miserable all day because she cannot let even this dumb creature to sleep enough and just has to awake all the house!


            Look at the clock. It is a quarter to three. Are you kidding?! What should I do so late or early, for Christ's sake? There is nothing interesting on TV, neither on the radio and when I open the book, my eyes are too heavy in a minute.  Should I try to sleep once more?  you can think and the person closes the book, lays it on the bedside table and switch off the light - but very slowly and carefully not to lose the feeling of dozing. Darkness. "Perfect! Maybe I will fall asleep!" And the person says it to herself perhaps ten times and repeats all the process for half an hour before she understands that it is going nowhere.


            Boredom. What should she do? She cannot go to the kitchen because she would wake up her cat again - and you know some nights are even for cats too demanding and then even cats are happy to sleep undisturbed in their lairs.


            I will not read the book - with such pace I would surely get the record in the slowliest reading and surely you consider that such an old woman as I am really do not have to be in the Guinness World Record book. Of course, there still exist such lunatics but I do not belong to them (even if it looks sometimes like that). I have heard that some people had never had any cigarette or had never drunk alcohol and lived healthily all their lives - until sudden death. Some at the age of twenty, some at fifty. I strongly believe there contributed also their hometown and household. When parents are smokers so even if you never light a cigarette - you are out of luck. There have been a lot of people who already died this way. So when we take into account how many people want to live to one hundred, we can cross out very easily those people who are effected by smog, smoking and bad eating habits ... So there are only something like 0,5% left of those who have a real chance to fulfil their dreams. And those are certainly people who live somewhere in the mountains or in the primeval forest where they are on the fresh air unspoiled by our current civilization. 


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