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Travelling is one of the most common and regular activities in the current world. Commuting to work has become a part of daily routine for the majority of us because life without bicycles, cars and aeroplanes would practically mean living in close surrounding to the office, school, etc. Just imagine what it looked like in the past. The train was the only way to reach bigger cities or people could have travelled in the saddle on the horse back. People had to live near each other or they were not able to stay in touch. But recent world has changed a lot. Even though the distance is still the same, it may seem shorter because we travel farther and faster for a shorter period of time, naturally, not only on much better roads and highways but also with incomparably better quality and comfort. Nowadays, planes and trains introduce a new dimension of travelling. The first class eating and comfortable seating seem as just pure necessities. But to spend your journey having massage in your seat, surfing the Internet or even sleeping is something what our ancestors would have hardly believed to be possible.


Travelling can have plenty of reasons: commuting to school or work, vising relatives, going for culture events or just going to the doctors. These movements are not even considered as travelling because they are so regular and ordinary. In my opinion, travelling starts with going on holiday. The farther we get, the stranger countries (their culture and habits) we can get to know. Flying all around the world is not a sci-fi but only a question of a few hours. Although globalisation helps people to learn more about other continents and human races, it provides especially great possibilities to export products to new potential markets. On the contrary to all fun travelling can offer, it can also save our lives. The ambulance is a vehicle we know why to give way to – to save somebody's life. Nevertheless, sometimes due to farther distance, it may still be too slow, then it is up to a helicopter which is able to take off even from a field or a road and to land on the heliport of a hospital.


So travelling has become inseparable part of our lives and hardly can anybody imagine his or her life without a car, a bike or a motorbike. From my point of view, my first car has changed my life totally. Studying university in Ostrava meant commuting by bus for 75 minutes in the morning and for over 2 hours in the afternoon back home. Luckily, there were ways to kill time but anyway... The car, on the other hand, meant only 30 minutes back and forth. One hour a day and 2 hours saved.


Nevertheless, to be ale to drive a car, you need to pass driving tests in a driving school. Teachers will show you how to change gears, use the clutch, the brake, the gas and will stress the importance of usually underestimated rear-view mirrors. At the exam you should be able to change a tire, to describe what is hidden under the bonnet except the engine. But most of all, you are taught how to concentrate and be careful from the moment you sit behind the steering wheel. Even if driving may seem tricky, it is not so bad, and we learn it just like we learned to walk when we were children.


Apart from typical vehicles like a car, a bus, a double-decker and a lorry in the cities there are also available trams and a metro with many underground stations. But if your next business trip leads you to some farther city like Paris, you may go by plane. Despite the fact that flying has become a usual and ordinary way of travelling, there are lots of people among us with fear of flying which is called flying phobia.


Finally, also boats, ships, ferries and cruisers which can take you on your voyage wherever you want to belong to means of transport. Modern ships carry huge amount of cargo in containers which is cheaper than flying, however, is not as fast. Therefore it is up to producers and customers what is wanted – speed or price.


Still I would almost forget to mention one of the most popular ways of travelling which, in fact, not many of us can participate and that is flying to the space. Every boy wants to be an astronaut, but to become one means really hard work and perfect physical and mental health. Just to see a spacecraft or a spaceship would be a great experience for many of us. So if you decide for a career as an astronaut I wish you good luck! Fingers crossed!



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