Once upon a time, there was a small kid who lived in the countryside. Her life wasn't easy at all. When she was born, her mother named her Ruth. Unfortunately, her mother died when she was just seven years old. Because she didn't have a father she suddenly became an orphan. She was the only child and wanted to see the  world. One beautiful morning she decided she wouldn't stay there any longer. She packed all her luggage and left. It seemed so easy but it wasn't. She could have gone anywhere she wanted to and it scared her a lot. She didn't care about what to eat and so she only packed her clothes and a picture of her mum.


            No one saw her leave. The neighbours were asleep and the citizens of the village mainly didn't know her at all. So she set out on her way. After having passed the very last house in the village she turned left. She had never been there before and therefore she couldn't know that the road went through a dark forest. As soon as she stepped into the forest, she started to feel a little frightened. She was afraid of creatures and monsters which lived in the dark shadows of the forest. Instead of going further she decided to have a short break. She realized she should have packed a snack. But it was too late now for coming back. All her relatives lived so far away she had never seen them before and didn't want to change it now. Therefore she got up and went on. She went towards a small river which flowed through the forest. For a while she forgot about everything when she saw the fish. They were so small. So sweet and vulnerable. She caught one into her hands. It looked weak and pale. She studied it a little. At first the fish liked it but then it attempted to escape. Finally she released it.  It swam along the bank.