From time to time it may appear the worldwide population could be divided into two groups. Music enthusiasts and followers of a different kind of spending their spare time. Therefore, there appears a question. Are we living in the time period which enables us to devote to and to appreciate the beauty of music?


            Generally accepted and undoubtful opinion of parents with teenage or younger children is that music is less important in comparison with other subjects. The importance of musical education has been diminished rapidly and its reputation is almost shattered by this inccorect but wildly spread outlook. However, we should not dare to underrate the effect it brings on our offspring. Undoubtedly, it emphasises their gifts and creative imagination. As a result of listening to music they become also apparently brighter and music provides them with the rest needed in stressful times.


            Nowadays, the world of music is full of varied kinds of rhytms, songs, singers and so on. Local rock bands are thought to be loved by all the world, nevertheless their most significant characteristic is disability to perform on bigger stages than on local ones. In all probability they ought to be able to do so instead of being highly satisfied with their local fame and being totally impressed with the opportunity to sell locals a few CDs of their creation.


            No one would dispute that classical music influenced each of us during our lifetime. This type of music is not fairly preferred only by an extraordinarily educated part of mankind but by everyone. Despite being highly considered as unique and artistic, the performers are underpaid and it is almost impossible and implausible to find there a valued job. On contrary to that, there appears a publicly admired god, once in a blue moon, who earns fortune after one performance.


            Music is inseparable part of each of us and we ought to behave in terms of bringing it to the state of its highest perfection with either only passive role or with creating the peerlessly new type of art.


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