Dear Mr. Johnson,


            I was highly impressed by your article about family values which was published in the Times’ magazine. Let me express my own opinion on the current situation which should be solved as soon as possible for the sake of its urgency.


            Having read your article, I recalled my own childhood and youth. Despite the fact that I was never forced to get up early in the morning, except for attending the school, I had to help with regular house-chores such as: cutting the lawn, painting the fence, ironing, etc. Therefore I appreciated every minute I could spend freely according to my own imagination. This influenced me so intensely that I feel boredom less than once in a blue moon. I share a house with my parents and so there is lots of work all the time. By the way, my parents are a couple of the most hard-working people I have ever met and they are my idols in many ways.


            Outlooks on the nowadays situation are able to alter according to the upbringing of a person. Each of us would be able to name at least fifty acquintances who were not forced to study hard in the evenings and therefore they are not used to working properly. Surely I can have been one of them. My nature was not full of diligence at all, however, my parents changed that radically and now I am immensely grateful to them.


            I agree with you in every point of your article. I reckon the only possible solution is not to let children become spoilt and parents ought to behave more strictly as regards their upbringing. As I can hear sometimes about the lessons in the schools, I am furious. Children feel no obstacles in expressing their opinions in the raw way. Teachers are regularly offended and embrassed during the lessons. This would be unimaginable to happen ten years ago and therefore we should consider well the way in which we are about to bring up our own children.


 Yours faithfully                                   



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