Ruthie stood up and screamed! She didnt notice that a stranger was standing just a few metres behind her. She jumped and ran but it was too late. The stranger caught her by shoulder.        

„What is your name, girl?“ he asked. But she didn’t answer.

            „Why don’t you speak to me?“ he continued.

            „A stranger,“ she whispered.

            „What?“ he asked not hearing her whisper.

            „You are a stranger. I am not allowed to speak to strangers,“ she said staring into the ground.

            „Where are your parents?“ he asked further.

            „They are away,“ she answered.

            „Ok. Who are you here with then?“ he asked pleasantly. He did his best not to scare her anymore.

            „I am here with a Goldie,“ she said.

            „Who is it?“ the stranger asked.

            „It is a fish,“ she said silently.

          „Ok, girl. Arent you hungry?“ he said kneeling next to her. At that moment she looked at him fearfully but also begging for something to eat. He gave her a half of his snack and when he saw how fast she ate it, he gave her also his second half. His name was Dan Simick. He was seventeen and was tall and very slim. He told her that he wanted to catch some deer in the woods but that day he wasn't lucky. He was very disappointed with that because his mother was counting on him to bring something for dinner. .... He was talking and talking and talking and Ruthie was very glad he didn’t ask her any more questions. All her recent life she was talking just with her mother and neighbours and no one else. She didn’t know what to tell him and was still a little afraid of him. In her eyes he was so strong that he could knock down the nearest tree. So she decided to wait what will happen next.


Test title
Fairy tale II. A