Mr. Nobody


      Attending such a great event as the Film Festival in Charles Bath consumes a lot of time for arrangements, for instance: to buy bus or train tickets and probably to study the programme. Every participant should be able to name the majority of the genres and films off the cuff. If he weren't able to, then he would take the risk of missing the chance to see some of the marvellous movies.


      As I had the opportunity to study the programme, I crossed out the film Mr. Nobody without any hesitation. No wonder, the film was described in a weird way which persuaded me it is just a poor surrealistic fantasy which isn't definitely worth seeing. In spite of waiting for different tickets at the check desk, we received them for Mr. Nobody for free. Nevertheless, I still had no high expectations.


      A bird. A bird in a cage. How simple, however, I still misunderstand the meaning of it as the beginning of the film. Finally he was there. Mr. Nobody. Lovely, handsome, attractive and reliable Nemo Nobody. The story persuaded us all the time about his fate or maybe just his destiny was choosing which option suits him the best. I don't know. His childhood, youth, marriages …. it all could be just fiction or his imagination. Even though it provides us with a plenty of inspiration where our destiny can reach whenever we choose badly. Highly likely we do wrong decisions every now and then but can we avoid them? It is implausible. Events which happen as a bolt from the blue are not occasional. Perhaps there is really someone standing high above us and counting down our lifetime and putting obstacles in front of us.


      I deem the main plot is full of unexpected and unpredictable changes in the life of one mortal man. That was the aim of the Belgian director who was making up the screenplay for more than seven years and is rightly proud of his work. The story was amazing, amusing, sometimes breathtaking but never sad or frustrating despite the fact that Nemo died there several times.


      After all, I have to admit I was wrong. It was the best film of the Festival which I attended. Undoubtedly, it is an admirable film.



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Mr. Nobody B