I started working when I was fifteen years old. Of course, it wasn't  necessary but I saw all my life my parents working very hard so I deemed it is usual and useful.

            My first job was a help in one small factory where we had to put labels on salamis' coverings. Because of all this meat we had to work in a large refrigerator where cannot be more than four degrees above zero. The job was difficult mainly for the sake of this appalling cold. In spite of the fact that it was terrible manual work I liked it there that summer. I encountered new exciting people who were my real friends. Although I was almost looking forward to going to work there I wanted to alter my job.

            Maybe it was just only by chance but after that summer I received a new, more tempting offer. My mum met a boss of the Janáčkovy Hukvaldy which is a company taking care of the castle Hukvaldy. The castle is situated 11 kilometres far away from Fryčovice and I have been visiting it almost every year since I was born. Despite being a ruin the castle is the second largest in the Czech republic. Therefore it was an enormous honour to start working there as a guide. I loved that work so much. I spent there three marvellous seasons! At the beginning I was introduced to my new colleagues. A twenty-two-year-old man preferred working there to going to the compulsory army recruitment. He was self-confident and stubborn and perhaps there were queues of girls waiting for his attention.  

            Other men working there were castle wardens. Both of them were fifty and liked that job by all their hearts. Perhaps due to their love to the castle and entertainment they were preparing a lot of gripping events on the castle during the year.

            I nearly forgot my boss and her best friend (working there as a ticket agent). My boss was a woman around forty and was very energetic and strict. It is true all the time when she was there everything went on perfectly easily and smartly. Her work was excellently done with remarkable success. I am sure the ticket agent, her best friend, helped her a lot. Though the ticket agent was in her late forties she widespread happy and encouraging mood all long days. She was kind, attentive, humorous, strict and very sincere. For the sake of her positive characteristics I was delighted every free time when I could sit with her in her cash desk hut which was situated nearby the second gate of the castle. We were chatting long hours when it was raining outside and there were no tourists at all.

            So these were my colleagues. I liked a lot to being a part of so good collective during the autumn after my almost unpleasant experience in the company with salamis. Despite looking forward to a new season I was scared I would forget all my guiding texts. Fortunately it did not happen at all but unluckily there were changes among employees and all the next season was weird.

After other two years I left the castle and I tried to get a new job. That year I didn´t let anything to chance. At school I had one classmate whose mum has been working as a travel agent in her private travel agency. Presumably during September he mentioned possibility to work as a guide for a travel agency. Such guide has to travel with clients by bus to Croatia, for instance, and then the guide leaves the clients with their delegate and travels back to the Czech republic with clients whose vacation just finished. At the first sight it looked very demanding, tiring and exhausting to be for more than twelve hours in the bus but I was looking for a new, exciting challenge. So I signed in a training course for this job with my classmate. It cost nearly five thousand and lasted for three months. During that winter I passed my examination of guiding and then I could go on some interview. We both tried one very famous travel agency in Ostrava and surprisingly we both were accepted. The most amazing was the fact we should have competed but finally we weren't. We were required to come on two-weekend-long teach-in in May. Preparing for the nightmare's situations we found out there were around forty of us getting ready for the same job. Even though we didn't know exactly the number of buses, there was impossible to sent to Croatia twenty or thirty buses at the same time. Maybe I was too naive to believe this nonsense but I wasn't thinking about it during this time. For me it was a big opportunity to try something new, exciting, well-paid and fascinating so I didn't notice this important fact. Finally I had five tours to Croatia and really enjoyed it.

I don't like thinking of that summer two years ago when I was working for Vítkovice tours. During the spring before I passed my school-leaving examination and was preparing for five distinct entrance examination. I chose the Charles university in Prague and some other. After all exams I realised that my nightmare had already started. I failed it all! My father was always complaining about my stupidity not to sign into any subject without entrance exams. At the end of that horrific term I signed myself to the Technical university Báňská in Ostrava where I could sign in during summer and didn't have to do any entrance exam. Recognising the mood at home was improving slowly I began the most useful span of my life. I continued my teaching, started taking driving lessons and learning for me a totally new subject which I hadn't heard about before. This subject connected economy with technical subjects and also with geology. After the first winter term I noticed it became my hobby. Encouraging mood at home helped me to be more courageous and proud of myself again.

And lastly I still have not told you about my working success. Passing the state exam of English I started a new era. I signed myself to financial office and other necessary offices and was given a trade licence for teaching English. At the beginning I had a few students from my home village Fryčovice. They were attending me at our detached house during afternoons and evenings.

These were my beginnings ...


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