My friend and her PC knowledge


            Recently, I have been thinking about one of my friends. She is a woman with great nature, very kind and nice. She is going to be sixty this December. I mean she is almost the same as all other people at her age (I think speaking about her PC knowledge). She surprises us almost every day. It is always big fun when she tells us what exactly she has made with her PC.

            My husband has taught her basic operations such as starting the Internet, writing some e-mails,  calling us via Skype. But last week there happened very special situation.

            I baked for our children and immediately she wanted to see my work . So she called and asked me if I could send her a photo of this special gingerbread house. So I took a photo of it and sent it by Skype. It is completely easy operation for us but she had a very big problem with that. I sent her this file and waited for acceptation of the file. But it did not happen for a long time. So I called her back and told her that she should accept my file. Of course, she did not know how to do that. I told her that she has to press the button where is written “accept” but she did not see any such button. I did not know what more I should have done so I called my husband for help.

            He came from the bathroom and took it to his hands. Just in that moment real big fun began. He told her: “You have to press the button with accept”. She said: “I cannot see any button, I can see a big black area”. My husband said: “It is impossible, can you see our conversation? This button is just beside our conversation”. She answered: “I can't see any conversation I told you I cannot see anything, only this black area.” And so on...

            I thought that this task will not be successfully finished and that it will be a never-ending story but suddenly my husband told: “Can you see a small blue bubble with the lines in it? It is our conversation and when you press this bubble, you will see this file which I am sending to you”. It was the right solution. My friend saw this bubble and then she was able to press “accept”. She cried out “I have it” and she was very happy and very proud of herself. She saw finally my gingerbread house and she liked it very much. I have to say my house was really nice but it was demanding job. For example, I used on the roof of my house small pieces of gummy bears and it was bad job for my hands and also for my time.

            I was happy with her. Firstly because she praised me for a good job and secondly because I had a good time with her. I laughed very much and we had a very cheerful evening.

  Z. P.                                                                                                          10/10/2012


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