Topless sunbathing


    Topless sunbathing is the thing which is still held and considered (at least partly) as taboo. When I came with this topic to my lessons, everyone had something to say to that. Some students surprised me with their opinions that they do not mind when their women suntan topless and some told me that they even persuade their women to do that. I am definitely not a supporter of that. Yeah, I know - it is natural, we have nothing to be ashamed of but have you ever been somewhere on the beach?This sport is usually done by women who are really fat or have nothing nice to show at all. One student told me: On the beach there are topless sunbathing only women who have nothing to show and women with nice bodies usually sun-tan normally and not topless. I really believe his words because during last vacation I could see hundreds of women of the first group (nothing to show) but only one or two of the second group.


     Taking into account the world we live in we should be tolerant and perhaps a lot. I agree. Therefore I just overlook such women but what I personally really cannot overlook and what I will never understand is sunbathing topless in an aqua park in your hometown where everyone knows you. It has to be really weird feeling for topless woman and also for her friend or just acquaintance meeting each other accidentally in the aqua park. What would you say? Hallo Mrs. Nováková? How are you? (Mrs. Nováková can be your former teacher from the secondary school). Or what the worst? Meeting men teachers, colleagues from work, clients of the company you work for? Just imagining it I would immediately run away from the aqua park.


     Believe it or not you can meet such people even in aqua parks in such a relatively small city as Frýdek-Místek which I consider as more family one. No doubt. This trend has reached and spread everywhere.


     So, what could be advice for the conclusion? Maybe think of people you will meet sunbathing topless and if you do not create unnecessary and  very embarrassing atmosphere not only for you but also for them. Everyone can accept a stranger sunbathing topless somewhere down the beach abroad but the colleague? The neighbour? The ex-girlfriend? Difficult to say.