Hello Kitty is the phenomenon which comes from Japan and has been spread through all over the world. As I have read in one magazine, in some countries of the world this figure is so highly popular that even adults are having their bodies tattooed with it. This seems to me totally crazy. I could understand being tattooed with a heart and even a skull but Hello Kitty? Really? I would have to see it to believe it!


     I should admit that this spree got, of course, also to the Czech Republic but, in my opinion, it is loved usually by girls perhaps till the age of 18 and not more. Actually that I thought till last January. I entered the office of one postgraduate teacher and I could not believe my own eyes - Hello Kitty keyboard, Hello Kitty mouse, the mouse-pad, the diary, the pen and I cannot remember what more. I must admit that I would not have treated that teacher with so much respect if I had known about her obsession. Is it right behaviour for a 26-year-old woman? She should have children, a husband and not a complete collection of Hello Kitty stupidities.


     In conclusion I would like to add that my husband warned me against him kicking me out of our flat for just a keyboard with this kitten. So please! Women! Be reasonable and think about it before you purchase the whole collection of that little and very sweet kitten.



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