How Dingo meets Bingo


... something is coming. Something is coming to the bridge. It is a big bridge over the river and that something is smaller than a bridge. It stops on the top of the bridge and looks down at water. The river is under it and it looks so deep that the thing is very afraid not to fall to it.


            There is coming something else to the bridge. It is bigger than the first thing but smaller than the bridge and the river.


            "Hello," says the first thing.

            "Hi, how are you?" says the second.

            "How are you? What is your name?" answers the first thing.

            "I am Dingo. And what is your name?" asks the second thing.

            "My name is Bingo. Nice to meet you, Dingo," tells Bingo.

            "Nice to meet you, too, Bingo. What are you doing here?" asks Dingo.

            "I am looking to the water. Do you want to play?" asks Bingo.

            "Yes, I do. Of course. Where?" asks Dingo.

            "We can go under the bridge and catch a few fish, my friend," answers Bingo.

            "A good idea. I like fish," says Dingo.


... and they stay together playing for all day ...


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1. How Dingo meets Bingo A