Welcome! The web pages were created as a kind of the support for students but during the years we have decided to do from these web pages a little bit more. We would like to create a new place for information, texts, advice, recommendations and mainly tests which will help you during your studies.

Our aim was to improve education of students by means of tutoring which should be more complex, summarising, effective and, moreover, funny. When people devote to study languages from whichever reason, every time it will be with more energy and taste returning to lessons, teachers, web pages and materials which were interesting for them. Possibly, these web pages will fulfil your expectations ...

If you are interested in our e-learning form of web pages www.sas-anglictina.cz, you have to be registered. The registration will be done through the administrator of the web pages who you will send your requirement of registration to. Use the contact form.

By unlimited access of these web pages you will be able to get to all the tests and other materials which are not accessible without logging in. There appear totally new tests and other materials almost every day.

The price for access is 4 EUR. This payment will allow you unlimited access for one all year. After contacting the administrator via the contact form, you are to receive an e-mail with number of the bank account. You will be registered as soon as the money appears at the bank account. Information about successful registration and your nickname with password will be sent on our e-mail immediately afterwards. And nothing more will keep you back from your studying ...

We wish you a lot of success and joy

Your team