Fráze dne

from time to time čas od času
From time to time Mrs. Hammish's granddaughter passes by and drops in to greet her.
on the contrary oproti tomu
Nick started to mistrust Janet after series of her failures last autumn. On the contrary, her boss felt deeper no-confidence to Nick and his never-ending complaints.
full-time job plný úvazek
Even though a position in high management may appear as attractive and profitable, such full-time job bears with it unimaginable responsibility and heavy workload.
part-time job poloviční úvazek
Getting a part-time job as a maid in Hilton hotel seemed to Jasmin as a miracle. For a girl in her situation it was turn for the better.
it is up to you je to na tobě
Would you prefer to stay overnight at Marry's place? It is up to you.
to be sentenced the life sentence doživotí
For all what Jim Donkey had done, being sentenced the life sentence was the only, possible just verdict.
behind bars za mřížemi
The life behind bars is feared by every criminal.
primeval forest prales
Primeval forests provide us with the endless source of information about animal evolutions.
to take into account vzít v úvahu
All pros and cons should be taken into account before you make final desicion.
to look like vypadat jako
At that ball you can't go dressed like that! You look like a homeless!
fall asleep usnout
After all day work in the garden she fell asleep as soon as she got to her bed.
Are you kidding? Děláš si legraci?
What? Are you really going to be promoted? Are you kidding? That position has been promised to me!
dumb creature němá tvář
Every dumb creature can be great companion to elderly and lonely people.